The GMT Beauty becomes new IMA Sponsor

It is with great pleasure the International Massage Association is welcoming our New sponsor – The GMT Beauty

GMT Says: “The World Championship in Massage, organized by the International Massage Association (IMA), is one of the most anticipated annual events in the massage industry. The GMT BEAUTY skincare brand values the opportunity to support such events, as they bring together highly skilled professionals from around the world. It is important for us to sponsor projects that aim to exchange experiences, test mastery levels, improve qualifications, and introduce the best products and latest developments in the Massage industry.

GMT BEAUTY (Latvia) has been producing high-performance cosmetics for home and professional care since 2008. The brand’s products are created using the most advanced technologies and exclusively natural ingredients, ensuring an innovative approach to solving aesthetic issues related to the human body.

IMA’s goals and the World Championship in Massage are in line with the philosophy and approach of GMT BEAUTY — supporting professional educational institutions and Wellness industry events. At GMT BEAUTY, we firmly believe that increasing knowledge and sharing experiences help to unite professionalism and health with inner harmony and beauty.

As part of the World Championship in Massage, the GMT BEAUTY brand provides natural cosmetic professional products for Massage and Spa procedures with protocols for conducting these procedures. We also invite professionals to attend training on how to use our brand’s products for maximum effectiveness and to achieve the best results from their use.

“We deeply believe that not only the Wellness procedure process is important, but also the quality of the products used. GMT BEAUTY is known for guaranteeing the high quality, effectiveness, and safety of its cosmetics.”

Tereze Belkova (CEO of GMT BEAUTY)

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