World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen

World Championship in Massage – Nation Tournament

In addition to the 2023 World Championship in Massage, in Denmark, IMA has decided to award the World’s Best Massage nation for the 2nd time. 

What does this mean? When participating online the friday or physically in Copenhagen at the 2023 World Championship in Massage you as a participant also compete in the chance of becoming the World’s Best Massage Nation 2023. IMA collects the scores both Friday and Saturday from every contestant representing the same nation, and compares these with scores from the other countries.

It is not necessary to gather your own team, as every participant from the same country automatically will be considered the National team (a minimum of 3 participants from the same nation is required to be considered a national team and to be able to participate in becoming the World’s Best Massage Nation 2023).

IMA believes that by competing as a national team, you are not only representing your own work, but will also be representing all of the therapists from your country and directly influence the standard of the massage profession. Furthermore this could potentially open the door for sponsorships through your own government and or nationally based businesses.

Thailand became the World Best Massage Nation in 2022

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