Approved Championships & Events

The Moldovian Massage Championship (postponed)

The Romania Massage Championship (Oktober)

The Ukrainian Massage Championship (June)

Azerbajan Massage Championship (June 5)

Central Asia Massage Championship (July 2023) (Kazakhstan)

Massage World Festival and the American Massage Championships (July)

The Nordic Countries Massage Championship (Oktober 14-15)

The Norwegian Massage Championship

The Danish Massage Championship (March)

The Balkan Massage Championship (Serbia) (June)

The Baltic Massage Championship (Lithuania) (28-30 April 2023)

Intercontinental Massage Championship (Greece) (June)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Massage Championship (May)

The International Students Massage Championship 

Student Massage Olympiad (Latvia) (May)

The World Wellness Weekend (September)

TOPSPAFEST the greatest spa and wellness festival (September/Oktober)

The European Massage Association

IMA Massage Video Awards (June)

Massage World Cup (Video competition) 

The following schools are approved by The International Massage Association and highly recommended as education institutions of massage and marketing .

The following persons are approved and highly recommended as teachers in massage and marketing by The International Massage Association.

  • Alexis Brua, France, specialized in Freestyle massage Facebook
  • Christina Blei-Amatdoelrasit, Netherlands, specialized in chair massage Facebook
  • Andrey Syrchenko, Russia, specialized in Spa massage Facebook
  • Motoc Iulian, Romania, specialized in Swedish massage Facebook
  • Elena Bondarenko, Russia, specialized in Freestyle massage and Face massage Facebook
  • Jean-Guy De Gabriac, France/Belgium specialized in Spa massage Facebook
  • Jidapha Wilkinson, UK, specialized in Wellness massage and Asian massage Facebook
  • Jill K. Berkana, USA, Freestyle massage  Facebook
  • Konstandina Makri, Greece, Swedish massage Facebook
  • Ryan Hoyme, USA, specialized in Freestyle massage, Elearning and Maketing Facebook
  • Susan Findlay, UK, specialized in Sportsmassage Facebook
  • Vaida Borkertiene, Lithuania, specialized in Swedish massage Facebook
  • Maria Filatova, Russia, specialized in Maketing and Service Facebook
  • Thippawan Noree, specialized in Thai and Swedish Massage Facebook
  • Joe Lavin, USA, specialized in Multidimensional Massage Techniques, Facebook 
  • Tracey Windmill, USA, specialized in Multidimensional Massage Techniques Facebook
  • Andrea Putrino, Germany, specialized in Thai massage Facebook
  • Robie Valenzuela, Argentina, specialized in Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage. Website
  • Susan Wickmand, Denmark, specialized in Swedish Massage. Website
  • Simone Tunney, England specialized in Swedish and Deep tissue Massage. Facebook
  • Violeta Munteanu, Belgium specialized in Wellness and Deep tissue Massage. Facebook
  • Chutima Hälg, Thailand, specialized in Thai massage. Website
  • Radu Dragan, Romania, specialized in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Website


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