Masterclass in Freestyle Massage – Romania

In collaboration with the International Massage Association, Scoala de Masaj “Corpore Vital” offers an IMA Approved course in Freestyle Massage techniques.

Teachers and developers: Jeppe Tengbjerg (The Founder and CEO of the International Massage Association and organizer of the World Championship in Massage). Teacher of Massage in 21 years.

Kinga Jenei (Award Winning Massage Therapist in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Peru). Among these she won the Chair Massage Category at the Romanian Massage Championship in 2019. Judge at the World Championship in Massage and several other National and International competitions. 

Jeppe Tengbjerg’s teaching will be in English, but Kinga Jenei will translate into Romanian.

LocationScoala de Masaj “Corpore Vital” in Brasov, Romania.

Dates: 29-30. April 2023 – 9am to 3pm (both days).

Price: 280 EUR

Course description: This advanced Freestyle massage course is focusing on the importance of flexibility and relaxation. The massage methods are a series of techniques covering advanced massage grips, advanced mobilizations and stretching of muscles, fascia and joints. This course is for the Massage therapist of the future according to the International Massage Association.

Material Includes:

  1. Step by step manuel
  2. IMA (International Massage Association) accredited diploma
  3. Scoala de Masaj “Corpore Vital” Diploma

More information or Contact Dragan Radu via phone: +40 731376678

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School description: What did 2022 bring for the Corpore Vital School?

  • recognition in the Top 100
  • the first international course – Chair Massage – carried out together with the International Massage Association (IMA) – being the first course that the IMA organizes in Romania
  • the reconfirmation of the title of World Vice-Champion obtained by Radu Drăgan, in the Swedish Massage style, by winning for the second time the silver medal at the World Massage Championship in Denmark.
    Radu Drăgan is the main trainer and coordinator of the Corpore Vital Massage School.
  • obtaining accreditation from the ANC for the Masseur qualification and related specializations, which comes as a reconfirmation of the special value of the Corpore Vital Massage School
  • diversification of the typology of super-specialization courses offered by the School: Californian Massage, Volcanic Stone Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Chair Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • expansion from local level (Brașov) to other areas in the country: Cluj, Galați and Bucharest and prospective for the counties of Bacău, Sibiu and Oradea
  • in 2022, the CORPORE VITAL Massage School trained over 200 students in accredited courses and about 50 in super-specialization courses.

All these things shared with you constitute the basis from which we start in 2023. With more confidence and the desire to achieve as many beautiful things as possible together!
Happy new to all.
Respectfully, “Corpore Vital” School of Massage Team.