World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen

International Massage Association

Purpose of the World Championship in Massage:

The International Massage Association aim to develop and promote the various massage techniques which are practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

The World Championship in Massage is primarily a competition, but at the same time an opportunity for Massage Therapists to find professional inspiration and networking.

By participating in the World Championship, the Massage Therapists will get the opportunity to strengthen and improve their skills. A Diploma will be issued for each participant, enabling the Massage Therapists to brand their business in a new way.

Date and Location: The 7th World Championship in Massage will be held in Copenhagen on June 28 – / June 30, 2024 at:

Sigurdsgade 26

DK 2200 Copenhagen N


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Participation fee: € 240,- (Fee non-refundable)

Deadline for registration and payment of fee, June 10, 2024 (Sign up here)

Participants are responsible for arranging and booking of accommodation, flights and local transportation. We highly recommend early booking of accommodation due to the Danish holidays. Links:,, Many minor groups choose this Hostel close to the event hall.

The International Massage Association has decided that the 2024 World Championship in Massage also will be held as a Hybrid edition as the years before. 

What does Hybrid edition mean?

The Championship will be split into two simultaneous parts. One physically in Denmark and One online live.

  1. The physically part is like former years/Championships.
  2. The online part where the participants will be going live (on Zoom) with their massage treatments from a place of their own choice. There will be judges live watching and judging these treatments on same terms as the physical part. When participating online, there will only be one round. (The participant will only show his/her work in one category)

Medio May 2024, all registered participants will receive a mail with a link for them to choose whether to participate the online or the physical version. All participants can use this Participants logo. 

The World Championship in Massage is Sponsored by:

IMA Sponsor

More Information:

In 2024, the International Massage Association awards 3 types of massage videos:

1) Best Massage Promotion (video Between 2-9 minutes)

2) Best Massage Teaser (Video approx. 2 minutes)

3) Best Short/Reel (Video less or approx. 1 minute)

All massage therapists, Schools, Clinics, Spa’s, Equipment suppliers ect. can submit one or more videos for free before May 20, 2024All videos submitted after this date will be nominated for the 2025 Competition.

If you want to participate with your video(s), please send it/them (by WeTransfer) to

Please note that when submitting a video, you also give IMA the right to edit the video. Furthermore, please add/attach your Name, Country and a Picture of yourself. The IMA video jury will decide which films are to be nominated and shown on IMA’s youtube channel. The Winner will be announced at the World Championship in Massage. All participants who is nominated for Best Massage Reel, Best Massage Teaser or Best Massage Promotion can use these logo’s.

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