World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen

Freestyle Massage Course – Italy

In collaboration with the International Massage Association Annabel School offers a IMA Approved course in Freestyle Massage techniques.

Teachers and developers: Jeppe Tengbjerg (The Founder and CEO of the International Massage Association and organizer of the World Championship in Massage). Teacher of Massage in 21 years.

Kinga Jenei (Award Winning Massage Therapist in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Peru). Judge at the World Championship in Massage and several other National and International competitions.

Location: Annabel School, Via Torquato Tasso, 1/12, 44042 Cento FE, Italy

Dates: 12. February 2024 – 9am to 5pm.

Price: 250 EUR (2 days incl preparation for championship course on February 13th 400 EUR)

Course description: The Freestyle massage techniques by Kinga Jenei and Jeppe Tengbjerg focus on the importance of flexibility and relaxation. The massage methods are a series of massage techniques and stretching of muscles, tendons and fascia. The techniques cover all major and minor muscle groups. During the course, we will reflect about what is the right treatment for the client, and herby making it easier to choose the right techniques.

After this course, you as a therapist can tailor your approach to the individual client’s problems and at the same time make it an extremely pleasant treatment to receive. The Teaching will be in both English, Italian and French.

Register by Email to: or by phone +39 3386027573

The school and IMA does not take responsibility for a teacher getting sick or for other reasons being forced to cancel the course. In this case, only the participant fee will be refunded.