World Championship in Massage Techniques June 2021,  Copenhagen, Denmark

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Saturday  19th of June  2021:

08.00-08.30                      Check-in (First round participants prepare their massage table / mattress / chair)

09.00-10.00                      Welcome, group photo and presentation. Last preparation for the 1st preliminary round

10.00-11.05                      1st preliminary round (participants have to bring their own sheets and towels)

11.05-11.30                      Pause/Preparation for the 2nd preliminary round

11.30-12.35                      2nd preliminary round

12.35-14.00                      Lunch (included for participants)

14.00-15.00                     Demonstration of  massage methods from former winners, judges and other experts.

15.00-15.30                      Pause/Networking/Preparation for the 3rd preliminary round

15.30-16.35                      3rd preliminary round

16.35-18.00                      Rounding of the day


Sunday 20th of June 2021:

08.30-09.00                      Check-in (4th round participants prepare their massage table / mattress / chair)

09.00-09.40                      Welcome/last preparation for the 4th preliminary round

09.40-10.45                       4th preliminary round

10.45-11.15                       Pause/Preparation for the 5th preliminary round

11.15-12.20                       5th preliminary round

12.20-13.30                       Lunch (included for participants)

13.30-14.35                       6th preliminary round

14.35-15.00                       Judges evaluation/Clearning of premises together

15.00-15.30                       Preparation for the finals/pause

15.30-16.30                       Final

16.30-17.30                       Judges evaluation and awards ceremony

NOTE! Lectures, the preliminary rounds and the final, as well as prize giving will be recorded on TV.

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