Advanced Freestyle Massage – Czech Republic

In collaboration with the International Massage Association Occultism Massage School offers a IMA Approved course in Advanced Freestyle Massage techniques.

Teachers and developers: Jeppe Tengbjerg (The Founder and CEO of the International Massage Association and organizer of the World Championship in Massage). Teacher of Massage in 22 years.

Kinga Jenei (Award Winning Massage Therapist in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Peru). Judge at the World Championship in Massage and several other National and International competitions.

Dates: 14-15. oktober 2023 – 9am to 3pm (both days).

Price: 250 EUR 

Course description: This advanced Freestyle massage course is focusing on the importance of flexibility and relaxation. The massage methods are a series of techniques covering advanced massage grips, advanced mobilizations and stretching of muscles, fascia and joints. This course is for the Massage therapist of the future according to the International Massage Association.

Sign up by writing an email to School owner Jaroslav Grundza: or phone 042077947600.

Kinga Jenei showing some of her techniques
We look forward seeing all in 2023
The teaching will be in connection with the Czech Massage Championshpp 2023