Quiz – Massage

Welcome to Massage theory examination

1. Which of the following terms means finger pressure?

What is not a part of traditional Thai Massage?

The temperature of the stones in Hot Stone Massage is:

Where is Lomi lomi Massage from?

Where was ayurvedic medicine developed?

How long has massage been used as a major part of medicine and healing?
7. Which type of massage should be avoided on a client who takes pain medications?
8. Which system benefits from the release of endorphins during a massage?

If you wanted to stretch a client´s muscles and fascia, which basic Swedish massage stroke would you most likely use?
10. Where should a bolster NOT be placed, when a client is in a prone position?
11. Which of the following hormones are lowered during MFR (Myofascial Release)

Which country is the origin of Tui Na massage?
13. Who first mapped out Trigger points?
14. The cardiovascular system benefits from massage by?
15. Why is it important to examen a client prior to a massage?
16. Which system does asthma clients benefit from when having a massage?

Massage will improve muscle tone for which system?
18. Which type of client assessment would not be carried out by touch?
19. What are the benefits when having a massage before or after a chiropractic adjustment?
20. How does massage benefit the skin?
21. What makes the skin redden during massage?