World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Marie-Claude Dumont, Canada

Latest Massage Therapist participating at the 7th World Championship in Massage is the Canadian Massage Champion Marie-Claude Dumont. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

Let me introduce myself : My name is Marie-Claude Dumont, 44 years of age and a proud
mother of 3 children. After an introspective reevaluation in 2016 of my career path and future
goals, wanting a greater presence for my family, building a self-practice and returning to my
earlier passions in life, wellness and sports, I decided to pursue massage therapy as my next
career path and never looked back since.

My approach to massage therapy started with the conventional methods, then combining
different available techniques as my confidence boosted gradually over the years. I later took
on a different direction incorporating elements inspired by the movement, intriguing massage therapists and causing curiosity amongst my clientele.

As far as I can remember, playing outside and performing sports of all kinds has been a key
aspect of my life. I invested a lot of time and devotion towards these, as per my 3-time gold
medalist at the Quebec Games in gymnastics can attest.
I still put sports at the center of my life, as a female full-contact
American football player. I currently am training in sports
massage to become a canadian sport massage therapist.

My signature massage is a combination of swedish and thaï massage techniques. I use my
body as a lever to have the strength and energy for each of the mobilizations that I perform for
my clients. The primary goal of my massage is to relieve my clients of their pain while giving
them more flexibility and providing them with an extraordinary therapeutic experience. The
pendulum of our bodies in harmony gives rise to a form of dance that puts the client in a state of
relaxation while restoring movement and balance.
I now own my clinic, called “Clinique Masso-Kiné-Ortho” and give classes to massage therapists
interested in learning my techniques.

I learn my Swedish massage, kinesitherapy, ortho therapist, deep tissue
and lomi lomi, At Collège de massothérapie rive nord.

Thaï massage, At École de massothérapie et kinésithérapie l’Hêtre.

Cupping with Bruce Bentley, At Health Traditions

Guasha and Trigger point, At Institu Axis

Here are the links to my social media sites.
Instagram: Masso-Kiné-Ortho Mc Dumont (@clinique_masso_kine_ortho) • Instagram-billeder og -videoer

I will proudly represent Canada and the province of Quebec.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Marie-Claude Dumont skills among the Best in the World at the World Championship in Massage at the end of June in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.