Sándor Bálint, Hungary

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is Sándor Bálint from Hungary. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

My name is Sándor Bálint and I started to practice massage 14 years ago. First I took a course of basic massage technics by curiosity but then my journey of continuous development and learning has begun and I’m still looking for new possibilities to integrate them into my own massage process. The first 7 years I spent as a physical trainer and therapeutic masseur at 2nd league Football and Handball teams in Hungary.
As the market required I also started my private massage studio. During the years I attended on several courses to get qualifications in lymph drainage, muscle correction and Swedish massage. Beside of my own studio I also worked for the 1st leage football team PMFC of my home town (Pécs), for the local badminton club (Multi Alarm SE – scottish trainer is Allan McIlvian). As mentioned above I spent time on learning, development and training. Training, body-building is my hobby which also helps to understand how the body and the muscles works.

Currently as a graduate Instrumental Manual Therapist (diploma is acknowledged worldwide) I’m engaged with Mediola Medical Instrument Manufacturer Ltd. to research, design and develop massage tools.
My technique includes lymphatic Swedish and instrumental manual therapy for Deep Soft Tissue, Muscle Correction and Isometric Movement.
The name of my studio is „Recovery & Balance Lab. IMCC – Instrumental Muscle Correction Chiropractic – Technology” where I also work with athletes to enhance their performance and to recover them from various sport injuries. Some of the athletes I work with:
Viktoria Kiss (INBA Natural Olympia – Las Vegas 2019, category of sport model 35+ 1st place, women’s angel 2nd place, bikini divas 35+ 1st place)Amanda Balogh (MS Olympia – Las Vegas 2018)Kata Orvos (Natural Olympia – Las Vegas 2019)Kevin Csoboth (player/defender of S.L. Benfica



I am the rehabilitation mentor for Perthes Disease and Spinous X-legged Children, furthermore manual terapist of the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra (
I would like to present my skills within 2 categories, Swedish massage and Free Style Massage (Western inspired). I hope that during the years spent with different techniques and combining them into my own massage will make remarkable results in both categories. I’m also looking forward to meet with the best massage therapists of the world and share our passion with each other. As a dedicated masseur learning and development have always been an integral part of my life, so it’s a great pleasure to attend on this event and certainly will affect my life and career.

The International Massage Association and our sponsor Lemi looks forward watching Sándor Bálint skills at the World Championship in wonderful Copenhagen in June.