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New IMA Massage Teacher from the Philippines

Latest therapist to complete the IMA approved International Massage Teacher class is Ruby Sanches from the Philippines. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

My name is Ruby Sanches.

For over 20 years, I’ve been always in the Beauty/ Spa Industry following my grandmother’s footstep whom I admire the most so I become so interested to look and feel beautiful so as my clients. 

I am an influencer when it comes to spa-at-home to educate my clients on how to take care of themselves, that our body is like a car that needs ‘maintenance’ otherwise it will break down, using the cliché- Prevention is better than Cure 😌.

I never stop studying and learning new techniques to make me better day by day, attending courses in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines tried all other countries’ massage steps as I wanted to give my very best and be proud of myself, then I created my very own Signature Massage which I called- Ruby’s Magic Touch. I combine meditation, reiki for me to relax and give my client 100% attention. 

My next journey is to have my own spa academy for me to share my skills and knowledge to pass this to the younger generation to take over and learn from the best teacher ☺ to inspire them what I have accomplished. 

After completing International Massage Teacher basic course, I am indebted to all the teachers and Olga for motivating me to further my knowledge. I find it challenging esp the adult education module that will certainly will be a big part of my target students in future.

Thank you IMA for guiding us through to share and embrace the future of Spa and Wellness  Industry following the 5 star culture.

The International Massage Association wishes Ruby Sanches congratulations on the completed course. Other great techers og therapists can sign up here: