New Educational Ambassador from Russia

The IMA has choosen another great Massage school Director to be IMA Eductional Ambassador, Alexander Shcheparev from Russia. 

Alexander Shcheparev Education: Russian State University of Physical Culture specializing in adaptive physical culture (physical rehabilitation, physical therapy and massage); secondary medical education. Additional education: graduate of the International School of SPA lecturer at the International School SPA trainer – technologist Thalasso Bretagne, a Practicing massage therapist, Spa – master, World Champion in Wellness massage at the International Massage Association’s World Championship in 2019.

Alexander Shcheparev has won many competitions in Russia during the years. Taking many classes and courses within Massage and Spa techniques. Now a days he is the Director of the International Spa School in Moscow and educates russian speaking students.

Alexander Shcheparev says that he is happy to be an IMA Educational Ambassador (He actually was one of the first students of the IMA approved International Teacher Class). 

The IMA Educational Ambassadors belives in learning by competing at championships and they will encourage other educators/teacher and upcoming teachers to take the International Teacher Class in order to improve their teaching skills and hereby raise the level of the Massage and Spa Profession.