New Massage teacher from Peru

Latest massage teacher to pass the IMA approved International Teacher class is Ricardo Florez from Peru, but living in Poland. IMA has asked him to tell about his experiences with this class.

I’m a professional massage therapist certified in Holistic Massage by ITEC in England.
I have been working for at least 15 years in a Hotel Spa where I have provided massage services to guests using safe, appropriate, and effective techniques.
For me massage is a beautiful art, the art to touch people’s hearts and that is amazing.
I’m considering myself as an instrument or guide. A guide who shows ways to choose to expand your consciousness and be satisfied with pleasure, a pleasure to enjoy your journey in the physical world, and once you find it, share it with compassion to the others.
I have chosen the course to improve my knowledge and have new experiences learning from big masters about the Hospitality industry, Androgogy, marketing, e-learning, and championships massage the best inspiration to meet other massage therapists around the world.
My impressions:

  • To see and observe how great professional share great information.
  • also to get more about my new teacher online that I haven’t met before such as Maria and Inga but I have met Jeppe Tengbjerg, Ryan Hoyme and Andrey Syrchenko.
  • To get agree with some topics that I didn’t know before

IMA wishes Ricardo Florez welcome to the family of massage teachers. He participated at the World Championship in Massage in 2019. See this short interview with Massage World owner Julien Elis.

World Championship in Massage