New Massage Teacher from Canada

A new massage teacher has passed the IMA approved International Teacher class. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

My name is Phiane Duquet, I am a facialist artist and a holistic massage therapist specialized in the technique La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L’œuvre de beauté®️ (Yin-Yang Gesture & the beauty work of art), a traditional wisdom and philosophy applied to the art of healing massage: 

I did not choose to become La Gestuelle Yin-Yang artist, but it came to me being part of my family heritage and philosophy in many ways.

This noble way of living has its room in people’s heart and my mission is to share it. Teaching is to add value and nobility to the world heritage.

I have heard about IMA through a friend who had participated at the World Championship in Massage.

I have taken the online International Teacher Basic Course to fine-tune my knowledge about five stars services and marketing in order to meet clients need. 

I have chosen to take the course in order to learn more about the art of teaching adults and how to bring the best asset with new technology such as eLearning and what a teacher should know to evaluate fairly.

This fun adventure has made me happier and very proud about my work.

My nearest plans, despite the pandemic, is to get the highest acknowledgement and to be supported from the Minister of Work of my country (Canada) for the traditional art of massage in order to bring it to schools and get massage therapists learn about ancient wisdom and way. 

I would like to share this simple, easy, happy way of making health and wealth the harmony of the Yin-Yang wellness art.

Mercifully, Spa Phiane Inc projects are on positive developments: acknowledgements from massage associations in Quebec, from health insurance for refund, from the Minister of Health for Social Services, Lionel Carmant and the government of Quebec revenue as School of massage.

Follow me to the next step and be part of the world heritage knowledge with IMA.

The International Massage Association wishes Phiane Duquet congratulations on completing and passing the course and wishes good luck with the teaching.