World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Matthieu Quiquempois, France

Latest participant of the World Championship in Massage 2021 in Copenhagen is another French massage champion Matthieu Quiquempois. IMA has asked him to tell about himself:

Hello, my name is Matthieu Quiquempois and I was the 2019 French massage champion in Paris during the Beauty Forum salon. I have been working since 2013 at the Vitam SPA in Neydens in Haute-Savoie.
I previously did 3 years of physiotherapy studies in Paris at Valentin Haüy. I am visually impaired and hard of hearing (Usher syndrome).
I obtained my massage therapy diploma with Hécate formation in Vichy and Clermont Ferrand.

The massage that I would present will be a combination of Thai massage (Nuad) and personal maneuvers. It will aim to stimulate the energy points of the body and restore harmony between the body and the mind. I will make targeted pressures with the thumbs, elbows, feet, stretching, contortions and deep smoothing to fluidize the gestures.

The International Massage Association look forward watching his skills at the World Championship in Massage in June 2021.