Why participate at the World Championship in Massage?

How can massage schools, massage federations, spa/massage clinics, massage and spa equipment providers benefit from participating at the World Championship in Massage?

For the National Massage Associations:

–    Promotion of the Massage industry and branch development.

–    Increasing the prestige of this branch segment.

–    Possibility to draw attention to the professionals in this field on the national level.

–    Promoting healthy lifestyles among the population.

–    Possibility of participation in the following National Championships.

For the Massage Schools:

–    Possibility to announce themselves on the international professional level.

–    Professional experience exchange.

–    Professional development and professional growth of students. 

For the SPA centers and beauty parlors:

–    Effective advertising of their services.

–    Raising the level of qualification and professional advanced training of their specialists.

–    Professional experience exchange.

–    Possibility to show the proprietary methodologies of massage at your Center.

–    Possibility to take part in the international contests, so that the Buisness name will be promoted.

For massage and spa Equipment Providers (sponsors)

–    Effective advertising of their services world wide.

–    Possibility to make your name and brand well-known.

–    Professional experience exchange with Massage schools, Federations and Therapists.

For individual Massage Therapists:

–    Effective advertising of their skills to Spas and massage clinics owners.

–    Professional experience exchange with other therapist in the international massage community

–    Possibility to take part in the biggest International Massage Championship and become famous. 

–    All participants are awarded: certificates of participation and gifts from sponsors. 

It’s importen that the whole Massage, Wellness and Spa industry stands together in order to improve standards world wide. 

Help the International Massage Association to develop and promote the various massage techniques which are practiced by Massage Therapists worldwide. Help us by promoting massage and participate at our Events, Championships and Masterclasses.

the world championship in massage