Aurelie Riou, France

Latest participant of the World Championship in Massage is Aurelie Riou from France. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is Aurelie Riou, I am 37 years, origin: half blood French and Mauritius, live in Paris, in couple and 1 baby 6 months old (that loves baby massages as well 😉 !)

I started my carreer in law (family law) and I was legal assistant there for about 12 years.

Some years before stop working with lawyers, I discovered my passion for body and massage treatment, so that I started to learn it (massage and anatomy), I made quickly many clients happy and I decided to work for my own enterprise in massage, to begin, at home of clients for 2 years and now I work in a sports hall in Paris center since 4 years and i manage a SPA there where I give different styles of massages and as well esthetic of body and face.

My massage signature : I will give one swedish massage deep tissue. Work alternately between frictions, effleurages, sometimes strong and sometimes sweet, searching for muscle depth…flexibility of upper body muscles with different techniques including towels. Start and Finish gently by some pressions using my body weight on the recovered body towel.

My second massage will be given with some hot oïl, cause I want to make it as indian massage style. 

I will show you a very beautiful dance with my arms and hands on body of the receiver, giving a very deep relaxation. That massage’s purpose will be on the soul of the receiver of course but as well on regeneration of the power of the body.

My principal school of massage where I learnt the most part is : LE STUDIO in Paris.

I learnt principally Swedish massage because it’s, for me, the most complete formation.

My teacher is just very good ! his name is Mickael Tabakretine, trained in Canada.

A reporter specialist in Golf for women wrote 3 weeks ago an article on me and my massage signature that I gave him.

It’s in French but you of course can translate it.

The link

The International massage Association look forward watching Aurelie Riou skills at the World Championship in massage in June 2021 in Copenhagen.