Julien Elis in the IMA Massage Hall of Fame

Back in 2018 Julien Elis came to Denmark with the purpose to do a broadcast of the World Championship in Massage via his new platform: 1Massage World. Julien live streamed the entire event professionally. His informative and humoristic coverage kept thousands of viewers worldwide intrigued and entertained. Julien’s coverage of the World Championship in Massage 2018 and 2019 have boosted a global interest for the Massage profession and gathering knowledge and networking in new ways.

As an ex wellness therapist, and holding to the deep belief that massage presents a true benefit for the world, he dedicated the second part of of his massage career to the advancement of all massage techniques and especially, to make sure that the talent of massage therapists be recognized within the wellness community and more broadly with the general public. 

He is now president and organizer of the European Massage Championship with the New Massage Association which will have its second edition in 2021. 

Drawing from his business and marketing background he founded dotdot3, a media company dedicated to growing the business of independent therapists and larger wellness companies. Julien and his team help these businesses with their websites, digital strategy and social media promotion.

He is also a speaker at numerous massage events, bringing both practical and positive messages to spa owners and  massage therapists. 

After years of living in Paris France, Julien, 46, now lives in the French countryside with his partner Nico who helps him in all his projects. 

Therefore, in light of his relentless effort to shed light on the massage profession and the people who make it, Julien Elis has been selected to The International Massage Associations Hall of Fame 2020.

Links to Julien’s sites:
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The European Massage Championship
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