World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Carmen Gherasim, Romania

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is Carmen Gherasim from Romania. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

Hello, I am Carmen and ever since I was a girl I have been fascinated by the idea of healing hands and the posibility of using and amplifing our own energetic resources and power within, to help other people through touch. 

More than 20 years ago, when I received the first massage technique lesson I started playing the therapist role for familiy members and friends, but only years later, when I no longer found myself in the job I had, I returned seriously to this passion which very soon became a full time occupation.

So, in 2014 I graduated the Massage Therapist School, “Medvit Energy” in Romania, where I studied Somatic, Therapeutic and Sports Massage, and starting then, year by year and day by day, I have continuously explored my resources and improved my massage techniques attending classes with Russian teachers, learning their authorized author methods courses related to Bioenergy – I studied the Elimination of Psyhotraumatized Factors using massage techniques, Deep Psychophysiological Massage, the use of Quantum Touch Elements for healing, and also other techniques used in physics recovery. 

In present, I study Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy at the “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava. 

Approaching through human touch and energy communication of those 3 aspects we, Noesic Beings, are made of : Body- Mind- and Spirit – lead me to remarkable results in providing healing, relaxation and general well-being for people I get in contact with. 

Holistic massage is what I like to do, and my love for my fellow beings motivates me and makes me willing and excited to get to know and learn from all the talented massage therapists who will be part of this year’s edition of the World Massage Championship.

I look forward to meet you and all the other participants at the competition! 

The International Massage Association and our sponsor Blackboxnet look forward watching Carmen Gherasim skills at the World Championship in Massage 2021 in June in Wonderful Copenhagen.