World Championship Massage 2024

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Vo Thanh Kim Linh, Vietnam

Latest massage therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2022 is from Vietnam. The IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is: Vo Thanh Kim Linh, I come from Vietnam.

My website:

In Vietnam, we have a saying: “Jobs choose people, Jobs chosen”, I belong to the case of “Careers choose people”, so I came to the Spa and Massage industry quite late. 

In 2011, after almost 7 years as a manager for a Singapore company specializing saling in high-end watches for wealthy clients, I was no longer interested in this job.

I felt like I was too useless with my hands, when my hands didn’t know how to create a value product for people. And after a year of carefully thought, I decided to quit my current job – a job that quite a few people want – and decided to choose to study a profession in Beauty. I hope to help Vietnamese women become more beautiful as well as help them know how to confidently express themselves.

I decided to study NAIL at the school “VIETNAM TOKYO BEAUTY ART”, during 1 year of nail school at the school I had many opportunities to interact with Massage students when we were asked to become models for each other in the classes. During the practice sessions of Massage and Nail classes, I also began to understand more about the benefits that Massage will bring to our health. Those were the first bricks that helped me better understand Massage skills.

It wasn’t until I finished the Nail skill class that my destiny with Massage began. I was not had any chance to work in the Nail industry much, but I had to research and learn on my own to enter the Spa massage market when I was proposed to be responsible for the operation of “Anna Sanctuary wellness Spa” at District 7, Anna provides all high-class massage services: sauna, hot and cold bath, zakuzi… and all massages: Swedish, Bali, Thai, Herbal, etc. to serve domestic customers. and foreign customers.

Fate continues to push me to run a branch specializing in slimming and skin treatment of the system “Saigon Smile Spa” on Le Loi Street – District 1.

After nearly 3 years of working in professional companies in the massage and beauty industry, from the beginning it was just a temporary interest until I plunged into research, the interest gradually increased and finally… I have become in love and fascinated with aesthetics with massage since I don’t know when. And when the passion boils, with the knowledge that I self-study becomes meager compared to the thousands of questions that are still unanswered for myself and I decided to apply to study with an expert in Skin care and massage at Devotion Beautique facility located in Sinagpore and it was the Le Forte Co., Ltd in Vietnam.

After nearly 5 years of studying and working in Singapore and Vietnam, the more I learn, the more intense my passion for the skin care and massage industry is as I am deeply aware of the great benefits and values ​​that Massage can bring extremely practical to our daily life and those around you to have a healthier life through our own “hands”.

I am deeply grateful to Ms. Truong Thi Ngoc Anh who has persisted for more than 20 years and officially brought Shiatsu to Vietnam – A discipline that will help me not only as a relaxing massage for guests but also as a medicine. always accompanies us to provide treatment support for the health of our customers.

By 2019, I established Lephenix Joint Stock Company with the hope that this will be the acadamy to build standard programs on the foundation for all those who have a passion to study and work in the Beauty industry. skin and massage. In addition, LePhenix also aims to build a system of “Cisne Beauty & Welness” which is a brand that helps newcomers to the Spa business minimize risks while providing solutions for facial care and treatment. and massage treatment for customers.

In addition to the passion that is always boiling in me, the national pride of a Vietnamese citizen is equally boiling. The years I studied in Singapore and some neighboring countries, I clearly see that the Vietnamese people’s skills are very good, not inferior to any other country. Our Vietnamese are people of will who are always persistent, persistent, eager to learn, never give in to any difficulty, big or small.

And I don’t know from when in my mind I arose the desire to devote my experience and wisdom to more advanced beauty and massage industry in Vietnam. Support the teachers who went before so that the Vietnamese massage industry is recognized by everyone in the country and internationally.

Vietnamese massage will contribute to taking care of the health of the Vietnamese people together with the country.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Vo Thanh Kim Linh skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022.

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