Tran Thi Hien, Vietnam

Latest Massage Therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2022 is from Vietnam. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

My name is Tran Thi Hien, I come from Central Vietnam.

Previously, I studied in Pharmacology and Nursing and also worked in a few places but was not passionate, then in a visit to Saigon to treat my grandson and my whole family, I realized that if I have money, Without health, life has no meaning and how to best take care of your health, your family and society.  That’s why I researched about this profession and looked for teachers in this field.  

And I found Ms. Truong Thi Ngoc Anh with courses at Technical College 2.


Besides, I also looked to other teachers in the field of oriental medicine to learn more about the field of health care at the schools I had attended.

Now, I have registered to participate in the International Massage Association World Championship in Massage with the desire to learn and exchange more with teachers around the world about this profession.

Vietnam is a country with many beautiful scenes and the hospitality of the people here, we hope to welcome you to our country.

Thank you to the organizers of the competitiom for creating an opportunity for students working in this industry to express themselves in the International Playground and to my teacher Truong Thi Ngoc Anh.


For introducing me to the Championship, thank you very much.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Tran Thi Hien massage skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.