Podcast about the Danish Massage Championship

Since the Danish Massage Championship on March 2-3 is coming up the International Massage Association here gives all Massage Therapist the possibility to hear this podcast from last year with IMA Founder Jeppe Tengbjerg and World Massage Champion 2018 Konstantina Makri, in order to learn more about purposes of massage championships.

The International Massage Association is hosting the 7th World Championship in Massage on June 28 – / June 30, 2024

Purpose of the World Championship in Massage:

The International Massage Association aim to develop and promote the various massage techniques which are practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

The World Championship in Massage is primarily a competition, but at the same time an opportunity for Massage Therapists to find professional inspiration and networking.

By participating in the World Championship, the Massage Therapists will get the opportunity to strengthen and improve their skills. A Diploma will be issued for each participant, enabling the Massage Therapists to brand their business in a new way.

The International Massage Association is hosting many Massage Masterclasses. Read here where or the terms of hosting them.

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