Guenther Schauer, Austria

Latest Massage Therapist singing up for the 7th World Championship in Massage is Guenther Schauer from Austria. The International Massage Association has asked him to tell about himself:

My name is Guenther Schauer, and I am both honored and excited to be part of this exceptional event. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of excellence in holistic well-being. As the founder of Schauer Thai Massage School, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of massage therapy.

Enhanced by a holistic approach, our Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage is meticulously designed to address a spectrum of typical pregnancy symptoms, including lower back pain, dizziness, exhaustion, and morning sickness. Beyond symptom relief, this specialized massage is crafted to aid in the preparation for childbirth and alleviate postpartum symptoms.

Through a combination of compressions, gentle stretches, tractions, rotations, energy line work, mobilizations, backbends, chest stretches, twists, extensions, flexions, inversions, and targeted acupressure points, our skilled therapists aim to provide comprehensive relief and relaxation. The treatment is thoughtfully administered while ensuring optimal comfort through the use of specially designed clothing that facilitates the lifting and supporting of the body.

Embrace the journey of pregnancy with our Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage, where ancient techniques seamlessly blend with modern comfort to promote well-being during this extraordinary time.

I graduated as a massage therapist from:

ITM Chiang Mai and Watpo Bangkok

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Guenther Schauer skills at the 2024 World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen on June 28-30.