World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Peter Vermeren, Belgium

Latest Massage therapist to register for the World Championship in Massage is from Belgium. The IMA has asked him to tell about himself:

My name is Peter Vermeren and I live – and practice my massage skills – in Belgium.

I am a (sports) massage therapist and a certified masseur for cancer patients and people with other illnesses.

In addition to my personal practice, I am a soigneur for the AG Insurance NXTG Ladies UCI cycling team.

I accomplished my studies and earned my diploma in sports massage at Syntra Midden Vlaanderen in 2019.

Subsequently I graduated as ‘Zorgmasseur’ (free translation: Care masseur) at CVO Groeipunt.

‘Zorgmassage’ or ‘Care massage’ is a gentle form of massage for people suffering from a disease (such as cancer, CFS, fibromyalgia,… and many other pathologies).

This training gave me a refreshing view on massage in itself and the different applications and possibilities of massage.

Today, I combine the various techniques from sports massage, relaxation massage and care massage.

I work on muscles and bones, but also on the nervous system. 

My massage compositions are tailor-made to each individual client. 

Whether it is an athlete, a healthy or a sick person.




Website Syntra Midden Vlaanderen:

Website CVO Zorgmassage:

The International Massage Association look forward watching Peter Vermeren skills at IMA’s 5th World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark

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