World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Patrick Decraen, Belgium

Latest Massage therapist to register IMA’s 6th World Championship in Massage is Patrick Decraen from Belgium, the International Massage Association has asked him to tell about himself:

My name is Patrick,

I am passionate about massage and everything related to the physical and mental health of human beings. At all times, everywhere on the planet, man heals with his hands. Regardless of techniques, philosophies, religions, man takes care of himself and the body and soul of his neighbor with his hands and his heart. I am amazed by the richness of all these techniques.

I have followed several very different massage courses, such as Balinese massage, Lomi Lomi massage, hot-stone, shiatsu… which I use as “toolboxes”. This allows me to personalize the massage to the person, their morphology and their emotional state at the time.

I am Shiatsushi. Shiatsu, in addition to being an effective massage technique, allows me to understand the body and the psyche of the person. Reflection, the philosophy of shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine is an integral part of the care that I offer.

My priority is to never forget that the most important person (even during a championship) is the one who gives me his trust by sitting on my massage table. The only real reality is what this person feels and I share my knowledge with them to guide them towards their “Well-being”.

I work with my companion in our SYNERGIEzen aesthetic and massage therapy center in Brussels where we offer all kinds of treatments such as facial treatments, body treatments, therapeutic or relaxation massages as well as a series of aesthetic treatments. All our services are dedicated to the whole person. This profession, in addition to bringing peace and well-being to our customers, feeds us every day and brings us joy.

In 2022 I had the chance to participate in the “European Massage Championship” and to win second place in the “Asian Inspiration” category and fourth place in the “Welness” category.

I look forward to participating in this “World Massage Championship” during which I am sure to live an extraordinary experience, to make beautiful encounters and rich exchanges.

My education:

2012 – Massage assi ANMA et qualité du toucher – Pierre-Emmanuel Canon – La voix du corps (

2012 – Shiatsu du visage – Alma Eguia – Xindao-la voie du Cœur Shiatsu-Do de l’Harmonie.

2012 – Massage Hot Stone Massage 

2013 – Massage aux coquillage chauds – Centre de formation Franca-Bruno (

2014 – Massage Lomi-Lomi – Melanie Van Belle – A world of oils – One life (https://be.linkedincom/in/m%C3%A9lanie-van-belle-155344bb) (

2015 – Massage Balinais Pijat Bali – Nathalie Sonnet.

2014-2015 – Soins du visage aromathérapie « DECLEOR » 

2015 à 2021 – Shiatsu Thérapeutique – Ecole européenne de massage (

David Gaudin (

Ivan Bel (

Fabian Bastianelli (

Nicolas Poloczek  (

Philippe Banaï (

2018 – Massage abdominal Chi Nei Tsang – Ecole européenne de massage – Pierre-Emmanuel Canon. ( (

2022 – Perfectionnement Shiatsu Thérapeutique – EST Paris – Bernard Bouheret – (https://www.shiatsu-estorg/) (

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Patrick Decraen skills at the World Championship in Massage in June/July in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.