Natasha Bulat, USA

Latest Massage Therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is Natasha Bulat from USA. She is known for her Hot Stone massage, Deep tissue massage and Chair massage. IMA has asked her to tell more about herself:

I graduated in 1981 from Institute of Physical Education and Sport.

Now it has been renamed as Academy of Tourism and Sport of country of Kazakhstan.

Here are few links to the Institute / Academy:

Additionally I graduated from Madison Area Technical College with a degree of Licensed Massage Therapist on July 2004.

My most favorite massage technique is Hot Stone Therapy and Massage. For the last 17 years in my Hot Stone practice I believe that I have uncovered a true secret of stones and many had called me not just massage therapist but Healer because they have greatly benefited and healed from my practices with Hot Stones. I can also do Honey massage and Clinical massage”(worked in Hospital from 2007 until the February 2022.

Recently I just completed the program from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.  It greatly helps in my massage practice every day.

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Hot Stone Therapy and Massage – Madison, WI

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Natasha Bulat skills at the World Championship in Massage, June 17-19 in wonderful Copenhagen.

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