Marylise Tanvet-Olax, Denmark/France

Latest Massage Therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is the silver winner of the Danish Massage Championship 2022 Marylise Tanvet-Olax. The International Massage Association hs asked her to tell about herself:

My name is Marylise Tanvet-Olax (FR/DK), born in 1978, in Paris, and I got, at first, my master’s degree in dance in 1999. I am a French citizen but I lived over 20 years in Scandinavia and I always worked with body and movements. Before I became a massage therapist, I was a professional contemporary dancer. I got my dance education in Conservatoire de Paris. From 1999-2012, I danced professionally all over the world. Then my second passion called me in 2011, where I learned the very basis of classic massage at Skolen for kropsbehandling in DK/Lyngby with Robie Valenzuela. Meanwhile, dance was my first priority and I taught in different dance schools all over Denmark before I decided to change my career to massage therapist in 2019.  I ended my massage education at the same school (Skolen for kropsbehandlin) and I became a physiology masseur and Reiki healer, since then. In 2020, I worked as a professional masseuse at Klinik La Mano, Klinik Ecotrip before I opened my own clinic. In March 2022, I participated at my first massage competition DM i Massage/DK, and won a gold medal in freestyle massage and a silver medal overall. From June 2022, I’ll have a new title such as massage therapist. To conclude, I am combining my two passions together –  teaching dance at Tivoli Ballet School and healing people with my hands at my clinic:)

My massage is not only a classical massage but each patient that lay on my massage table would receive a deep holistic body experience. Not only the muscles, the tissues, the articulations are stretched out but the mind will reconnect to their own body and soul. My session implies different massage techniques according to each one of the patients’ needs. During this journey, their fascie, muscles, and joints would find their elasticity and they would open for a new energy. Conclusion, body and mind would be realigned, be reset to normal.

I graduate as a massage therapist from Skolen For Kropsbehandling – lyngby Denmark

My website is Username for both Instagram and Facebook – @marylise_massage @marylisemassage

The International Massage Association look forward watching Marylise Tanvet-Olax skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen.

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