Monica Paslaru, England

Monica Paslaru’s journey into the well-being industry started one year ago when her son began suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Having trained in massage 15 years ago in Romania, she decided to comfort her son with massage and, to no surprise, it helped a lot. Keen to find out more about the therapeutic effects of massage she set upon learning all she could. Monica undertook training courses in CBT, anxiety and confidence and Craniosacral Therapy as well as updating her skills and knowledge in Massage with New Skills Academy, gaining an International Massage Diploma. It soon became apparent to here that the positive effects of Massage could have a huge impact on mental health.

With her passion and desire to help people in the local community, she has set up her own Massage Therapy Practice from home. She now use her skills to support those suffering with both emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression through both massage and craniosacral therapies.

IMA look forward watching Monica’s skills at the World Championship in Massage 2018 in Copenhagen.