Mario Jorge DeSousa, UK

Mario Jorge de Sousa is accredited therapist in Shiatsu methods of:

(Namikoshi & Seiki Meridian Shiatsu), Thai Yoga & Trigger points Massage

His mission is to make wellness services accessible for all those in the need of a special and effective alternative medicine treatment.


Is a combination of 3 body work oriental styles;

1- the stands & the flow comes from Tai chi (China)

2- the connection to the receiver, depth healing force comes from Seiki Meridian Shiatsu (Japan) everything flows from it (the pillar of his technique)

3- the smooth manipulation, coordination of the receiver body & the tools used coming from Thai massage (Thailand)

-The name of his chair massage is: SEIKI SHIATSU CHAIR MASSAGE

SEIKI: life(SEI) energy(KI)

The International Massage Association look forward watching Mario Jorge DeSousa skills at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen.