Leopoldo Pool Ek, Mexico

Latest Participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019: Leopoldo Pool Ek

Represents Mexico as a Mayan from Yucatan.

Leo is practicing the Mayan Sobada (massage) and other traditional Mayan treatments already for 3 generations.
He learned from his grandfather who was a shaman in a little village in Yucatan and from both of his parents as well. His mother and father taught Leo the traditional Mayan massage techniques and also to work as a “Huesero”. A Huesero works with ancient manipulation techniques. It can be partially compared to a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. This knowledge you can´t learn in school. It´s past on from generation to generation.

About Leo and the Mayan Sobada: (Written by Heike Feicho-Post)

I have known Leo as a modest and honest man who dedicates his life to help people to improve their health, physically, mentally and energetic.
After some hesitation he did finally agreed to leave his country for the first time in his life to present his skills at the World Championship of Massage.
This year Leo will start with the first seminar about Mayan massage in Germany as a teacher of the new founded Academy of Mayan Healing.
If you are interested to learn this almost forgotten knowledge please see our website or we will meet in person in Copenhagen!

Mayan massage (Mayan Sobada)

– The Mayan Sobada places a special emphasis on intensive back work. In earlier times it was important to make the tired warriors and hunters fit again. Both physically and energetically.

Among other things, the energy flow in the spine, from the sacrum up to the head, is harmonized again, this has an impact on the entire body. A lighter back and a better erection are the result.

– Energetic activation of 3 solar centers on the back. The lowermost sun is also called the center of anxiety and stress and needs special attention.

– Deep massaging of muscles, fascia and energy channels, which leads to a light and liberated body feeling and activates the own self-healing powers.

– mobilization of the joints (13 moons)

– Reconnecting to oneself, releasing negative thought patterns to be without attachments again in the here and now.

– Another important focus of Mayan Sobada is on a special abdominal massage.

In the abdomen, as the seat of many emotions and often suppressed emotions, it often comes to a tension of the muscle fibers. This then leads to a restriction of the blood circulation of the organs in the abdomen and thus also to a disturbed energy flow.

During massage, the energy is first centered at the navel, then later distributed throughout the body. The abdominal massage is also applied for indigestion of any kind, prostate problems, varicose veins, back pain, women’s complaints and deformities of the uterus.

– In summary, the Mayan Sobada is more of a vigorous massage. after which the body feels looser, lighter, more agile and energized, and the person feels spiritually connected to himself again.

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Leo’s skills at the World Championship in Massage.