Kiyah Edwards, USA

Latest Massage therapist to register the International Massage Association’s World Championship in Massage is the Award winning Kiyah Edwards from the USA. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

Hi, my name is Kiyah Edwards from USA.

I’m a 2nd Place Medalist in Swedish Massage in the 2022 @ The World Massage Festival / American Massage Competition in Cherokee, North Carolina.

I’ve been a Professional License Massage Therapist since April 2013. 

I graduated in 2012 from Florida College of Natural Health in Maitland, Florida, great school by the way. As a Professional LMT, Clients & my clients, look up to me always.To better their quality of life, with just my bare hands, they say that I have Magic hands, which I truly believe. My massages helps each individual client with either therapeutic work or relaxing to help with stress or stretching to help with either, flexibility or just to keep there body function (moving), or with healing there body with my touch. 

My massage techniques with my hands, feet and sometimes my tools that I use are very Unique in every single massage session and with the knowledge of what I learned in my massage school and the CEU’s of what I continue to do, so I can grow my Career, my Business and my Professionalism as a LMT, I also like to address my clients needs with detailed massage work to help them with their Pain, Emotions or Scar tissue that they are holding, also to help their (ROM) range of motion, or just to help them relax there mind & body.

I’m a Professional LMT who is NOT afraid of the human body, I massage Feet, Face, Scalp, Glutes, Pectorals, Abdominal, I massage the human body.

I massage the attachment sites to help heal the body and don’t mind it. I take my work very seriously to keep the body going & living life to the fullest.

I love my Profession & Care about each one of my clients or who ever gets on my massage table. I do my Very Best every time to help them gain or live better of how they were before they came in & had layed down on my massage table. The clients / My clients would always say, I’m so Glad that I have you as my LMT or I’m so Glad that they had found me, that I’m just so Amazing, that I’m a Miracle Worker or I’m a Miracle Healer or I’m Anointing, just Beautiful words I’ve heard throughout my Career, I just love what I do as a Professional LMT.

I’m Certified in Therapeutic, Medical, Prenatal, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue, Swedish,Table Thai, Reflexology, Sports, Hot Stones, Medi Cupping, Lomi Lomi & my most recent Certification, Bamboo Fusion Massage & Forearm Fusion Massage.

For my work, I work part time @ Massage Envy in Vero Beach, Florida I’m always Fully Booked & I’m also a Highly Requested LMT & I also have a Small Massage Establishment Business for 3 years Now, continuing & going Strong @ Essence Massage LLC in Titusville, FL

I’m looking forward to competing at the 6th World Championship Massage in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2023 & as of now, knowing of which category that I will be choosing to compete in, as of now it’s Unknown, but stay tuned……. Thank You……….

The International Massage Association look forward watching Kiyah Edwards skills at the 6th World Championship in massage 2023 in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

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