Takuto Kawakami, Japan

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the World Championship in Massage is Takuto Kawakami from Japan. The International Massage Association has asked him to tell about himself:

I am Takuto Kawakami, a therapist who heals the world.

My massage is love and art.

I studied massages from all over the world.

My massage is mixture of Thai massage, Balinese massage, stretching, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage, French lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, Esalen massage, and Hilot massage.

The massage is performed by shifting my body weight as if I dance.

No burden on the body by relaxing my body but still apply nice and firm pressure.

I approach the automatic nervous system by controlling rhythm and speed.

It will let the receivers to feel the line between dream and reality by relaxing their whole body with smooth touch keeping my hands in contact to the skin.

My massage is holistic massage that heals the entire body, including muscles, soul, mind, lymphatic, bones, blood, autonomic nervous system, immune system, and hormonal system.

Let’s heal the world together!


■ ITS (International Therapy School) Japan

■ TTC Spa School Thailand

■ Wat Pho Sukhumvit School Thailand

■ Jarimenari Bali, Indonesia

■ Elegance Spa School France

■ Holistic Institute (Accredited by IFA) Japan

■TOA therapist online academy

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The International Massage Association look forward watching Takuto Kawakami skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen.

Takuto Kawakami is also nominated for Best Massage Promotion 2022
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