IMA course at Chiida Academy

At IMA, we are proud of all our approved Amabassadors and trainers. We are very proud of Chutima Hälg’s efforts to raise and manage knowledge of Thai Massage in the world for what it is – a fantastic massage method.

Therefore, Chutima Hälg was also elected to the International Massage Associationa Hall of Fame at the World Championship in Massage 2022, where Chutima was selected as part of the IMA jury.

Now, officially Chiida Academy Zurich has been accredited and awarded to for the 3rd time since 2016 for complying with DTAM (Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine), Ministry of Health Thailand to give the Thai Massage for Health including its certificate signing by both DTAM Ministry of Health and Chiida Academy.

In 2023, March 26-27, Chutima Hälg and Chiida Academy will host an IMA Masterclass called – Advanced Freestyle Massage. A class given by IMA founder Jeppe Tengbjerg from Denmark and Award winning therapist Kinga Jenei from Hungary. Read more here.