Georges Busuttil, France

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage is Georges Busuttil from France. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

I am Georges Busuttil « Giorgio » a freelance massage therapist for more than 11 years in Paris.

I am interested in different types  of massages on table, chair or mat

In my work as a practitioner I like to mix different techniques to bring my clients to creative relaxation, I use rocking, oscillation mouvement, strechings and some of techniques from fasciatherapy and osteothai

My influences: thai yoga massage, dynamic thai, osteothai, deep tissue, tuina, Swedish , lomi lomi, Ayurvedic and energetics like reiki  and polarity amongst others.

 Last year, I had the immense honor of wining the Gold Medal in the asian freestyle category at the 2020 International Online Championship but my greatest reward is to do a job that makes sense and that has allowed me to find my way : – more grounding, 

– more openness of the heart in a non-judgment attitude

– the joy of feeling the energy circulating in me, available for other people. 

– the sense of oneness with the present moment. 

Winning these medals has allowed me to be relieved of the need for recognition. 

My massage has therefore evolved further : more free, more sensitive, more creative and even more pleasure to give massage. 

As I like challenges, I will replay my title at the 2021 world championship. This time, I would like to surprise the jury by presenting my “homemade thailomifusion” protocol that I have adapted for the occasion

with attention to fluidity and perfect synchronization with classical music to create a concerto of sensation on the rhythms of the piano

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insta: giorgiomasseurpro

facebook: @giorgiomasseurpro

The International Massage Association look forward watching Georges Busuttil skills at the World Championship in Massage.