Gabrielle Brousseau Drouin and Benjamin Doucet, Canada

Latest massage therapists participating at the World Championship in Massage 2023 are a 4hands massage therapists team.

Gabrielle and Benjamin of Entre4mains are 2023 Canadian Massage Championship gold medalist.

An inseparable duo for a unique massage: the 4-hand massage.

These two young graduates of a massage therapy school in Montreal embarked on an adventure, that of going around the world to learn more and more techniques and propose one day the ultimate massage. 
During their first trip to Tahiti, they invented a new massage that draws on several recognized techniques (Californian, Swedish, Oriental, Chinese energy…). The main purpose of this massage is to help the mind to quickly relieve itself, so that the body is in the perfect conditions to relax. 

With the help of their four hands, in turn in sync or in opposition, the two massage therapists offer more than a feeling of well-being : with this 4-hand massage time is suspended and you travel as if you were also in the islands of the Pacific.

They both are educated from École de massage professionnel À fleur de peau, Montréal

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The International Massage Association look forward watching their skills most likely online at the World Championship in Massage this year.

Gabrielle and Benjamin are also nominated for Best Massage Teaser 2023
Participants of the World Championship in Massage