Daniel Nedelcu, Romania

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the 6th World Championship in Massage is Daniel Nedelcu from Romania. The IMA has asked him to tell about himself:


My name is Daniel Nedelcu and I am massage therapist since 2000, age of 21.

I have worked as a therapist at beginning in different spas, and as I got deeper in these wonderful work of manual therapy I started to study more and more. I started to work in therapeutic field, collaborations with recovery clinics. 

In 2003 I decided to go to work on cruise ships as a therapist where I could use a lot of my knowledge and learn a lot more from different teachers and colleagues. 

In 2006 I land it home and I open my own business, and started to specialize in myofascial therapy and osteopathy. Since then I worked in Romania, went to Italy for more training and worked there for a while. 

 About my self I can say that I am open minded, happy and joyful. Father of 3 children’s  and owner of Anatripsis Spa concept.

Training : 

I Graduated from Dacarta school of massage

Then continued with OR-CO massage school, today known as Corpore Vital

Followed the training of  The London Wellness Academy
 school  from UK 

Also in UK  training with Harding Brothers academy (no more available) 

Training with Ackermann College from Sweden

In Italy I followed some training in holistic Theraphy with Erba Sacra

My web site is :



TikTok: anatripsisbydaniel

The International Massage Association look forward watching Daniel Nedelcu skills at the 6th World Championship in Massage 2023 in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

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