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Christophe Marchesseau, France wins the IMA Video Awards 2021

The overall winner of the IMA Video Awards at the World Championship in Massage June 19-20th 2021 in Copenhagen became Christophe Marchesseau from France.

In connection with the IMA Video Awards, The International Massage Association has recieved more than 120 videos, from 80 participants coming from 27 countries.  

The finalists were:

  1. Christophe Marchesseau, France
  2. Thippawan Noree, Qatar
  3. Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer, USA
  4. Samantha Sunshine, USA
  5. Mario de Sousa, England
  6. Patricia Verbecq, France
  7. Bente Dybdjord, Norway
  8. Fabien Michel, France

Judges from 9 different countries has voted and found the winner.

Watch the video here:

Christophe Marchesseau, France