World Champion in Massage 2021 winners

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, the International Massage Association had decided that the 2021 World Championship in Massage should be held as a Hybrid edition. 

What does Hybrid edition mean?

The Championship was being split into two simultaneous parts. One physically in Denmark and One online live.

  1. The physically part was like former years/Championships.
  2. The online part where the participants went online on ZOOM showing their skills. 

There were judges watching live at all time and judging these treatments on same terms as the physical part.  

In the final 7 online massage therapists and 7 massage therapists from the physcally part competed for the overall World Champion in Massage 2021 titel. In the end Georgios Geomelos (Sportsmassage) from Greece won and became the Overall World Champion. Silver went to Chaz Armstrong, USA (Chair massage), bronze went to Somsri Loser (Wellness massage) from Switzerland.

IMA congratulates all the winners, as well as all the other participants and judges on a fantastic championship. You are all winners!

Below you can see the category winners.

Swedish massage

Gold – Carmen Gherasim, Romania

Silver – Dragan Radu, Romania (online)

Bronze – Kirstine Haugaard, Denmark

Thai massage

Gold – Nuan Jiamsranoi, Netherlands

Silver – Sunee Obermaier, Germany (online)

Bronze – Yupa Jiamsranoi, Thailand

Wellness massage

Gold – Somsri Loser, Switzerland (online)

Silver – Phiane Duquet, Canada (online)

Bronze – Jannie Blak, Denmark

Freestyle massage (Western inspired)

Gold – Iza Gobar, Slovenia

Silver – Viktoriia Bilousova, Ukraine

Bronze – Ellis Del Sol, Norway (online)

Freestyle massage (Eastern inspired)

Gold – Yuka Sakurai, Japan (online)

Silver – Udo Eichelberg, Germany

Bronze – Tichanut Choopundilok, Thailand (online)

Chair massage

Gold – Chaz Armstrong, USA

Silver – Rita Murauskiene, Lithuania

Bronze – Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark

Sports massage

Gold – Georgios Geomelos, Greece

Silver – Larry Wade Jr., USA

Bronze – Mohamed Hoessain Elahi, the Netherlands