World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Best Massage Promotion – The Finalists

In connection with the IMA Video Awards, The International Massage Association has recieved more than 120 videos, from 80 participants coming from 27 countries.  The International Massage Association has chosen to divide the videos into the following categories.
Teasers, Swedish / Sports massage, Thai massage, Chair massage, Wellness massage, Freestyle Western massage, Freestyle Eastern massage.

Judges from 9 different countries has voted and found the winners of each category. The overall winner will soon be announced.

Furthermore the winner of each category will in June compete for the titel as “Best Massage Promotion 2021” 
Upon the IMA Video Awards, The International Massage Association look forward to meeting all the participants, both online and in person at the World Champion in Massage 2021 – Hybrid Edition.

The finalists are:

Teasers Category Winner: Christophe Marchesseau, France
Thai Massage winner: Thippawan Noree, Qatar
Freestyle western winner: Jivatma (Jiva) Massaguer, USA
Freestyle Eastern winner is: Samantha Sunshine, USA
Chair Massage winner is: Mario de Sousa, England
Wellness Massage winners is: Patricia Verbecq, France
Swedish / Sports massage winner is: Bente Dybdjord, Norway
Fabien Michel: Winner of the Audience price