Vladislava Dimitrova Georgieva, Bulgaria

The latest Participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 is Vladislava Dimitrova Georgieva . IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is Vladislava Dimitrova Georgieva, I was born in Bulgaria, but I live in Gran Canaria for many years.
I work with massages and beauty, and I am the owner of the Massage & Beauty store in Maspalomas. My journey into massages began 15 years ago, and it is as follows:

1) School “Bio Energy Spectro” in Sofia (Bulgaria,), where I learned part of Yumeiho therapy massage and reflexology.

2) School “Potencial 21″in Burgas (Bulgaria) where I learnd classic massage, reflective massage, anticellulitic massage, connective tissue massage and sport massage.

3) Zone Riflesse school by Francesco Ciaccia (Thiene, northern Italy).

My massage is personalized and is a mix of  deep techniques  and  relaxation massage with acupressure and constant rhythm. I will participate in the 1 category : Swedish massage.

IMA look forward watching her skills at the World Championship in June 22-23, in Copenhagen.