Thi Lan Anh SARTIEAUX, France

Thi Lan Anh SARTIEAUX (TONG) has just signed up for the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen. She is a 44-year-old woman born in Vietnam who, for family reasons, left her country to settle in France 16 years ago. She had to learn everything (language, culture, western lifestyle) and find work while attending university.

In Vietnam, Tong was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine while practicing a number of methods of therapeutic massage and well-being. She has spent many years in this field while teaching.

She studied medicine at the faculty of Thai Binh (Vietnam).

Having been installed for some years in the south of France near Avignon, Tong practice in her clinic where she maintain a regular clientele and assiduous. She also created with a friend, a wellness center in the Paris region.

Shaped by a training in Asian manual therapies mixing several methods, Tong developed “her own technique” based essentially on intuitive practice, anatomical knowledge, innately.

Tong will choose categories for the World Championship in Massage in the spring of 2019.

IMA look forward watching her skills.