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The Story behind Chair Massage

The story behind chair massage can be traced back to the 1980s in the United States. It was during this time that David Palmer, a massage therapist and educator, developed the concept of chair massage as a way to make massage more accessible and convenient for people.

Palmer was looking for a way to offer massage treatments in unconventional settings, such as workplaces, events, and public spaces. He wanted to create a portable and efficient form of massage that could be performed without the need for a massage table or the removal of clothing.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese form of massage called anma, Palmer created a specialized massage chair that allowed clients to sit comfortably while receiving a massage. The chair was designed to support the head, neck, and back, enabling the massage therapist to effectively apply pressure and perform various techniques.

The concept of chair massage quickly gained popularity and became known as “on-site” or “seated” massage. It became a convenient way for people to experience the benefits of massage therapy in shorter sessions, without the need to undress or lie down on a massage table.

Chair massage proved to be particularly appealing for corporate environments, as companies realized the positive effects it had on improving employee wellness, morale, and productivity. It was also embraced at public events, conferences, and even airports, where people could relax and rejuvenate in a short amount of time.

Today, chair massage is widely recognized and practiced around the world. It continues to be a popular and accessible form of massage therapy, allowing individuals to receive therapeutic treatments in a comfortable, portable, and cost-effective manner.

Nowadays the chair is often used when giving Thai Massage and Swedish Massage as well.

In 2017 Chair Massage was one of the categories when the International Massage Association (IMA) hosted the first World Championship in Massage and in 2019 the Overall World Massage Champion became Mario De Sousa from England who did a Chair Massage.

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