The new European Massage Association

A new European Massage Association has been created.

The people behind this association are well-known in the massage industry.

Ivan Conversano is the new President of EMA and is a former participant of the International Massage Associations World Championship in Massage. He graduated from the Mekong School in the 2006.He is the CEO and SPA manager in 2 spas based in Modena, Italy.
He is a master in a new method called “ROMAN SYSTEM” a new western approach for wellness.

Konstantina Makri is the Vice president and also one of the Founders of EMA. She won the World Championship in Massage 2018 in the Category Swedish Massage.
She is a Professional LMT. Passionate about healing, she specializes in Deep Tissue – Acupressure Neuromascular advanced therapies and Shiatsu. She graduated from Omiros College. She works between Greece London and Rome.

Julien Elis is a wellbeing enthusiast and convinced that world conflict can be resolved with massages. He is also the founder of Massage World and the secretary of EMA.

The International Massage Association look forward  to the cooperation between EMA and IMA, starting with the European Championship in Massage in March / April. Read more here.