World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Sunee Obermaier, Germany

Latest participant is Sunee Obermaier from Thailand/Germany. She is one of the Pioneers who participated online at the World Championship in Massage 2021 where she won Silver in the Thai Massage category. IMA has asked her to tell about herself.

My name is Sunee Obermaier, born 36 years ago in beautiful Thailand, working and living with my family in Germany. I’ve been working as a massage therapist since 2012, after I finished the traditional Thai Massage course from Wat Pho Thai Medical School.  

Working as massage therapist in Germany, I gained first experience and developed my passion for giving massage. Getting so positive feedback from the clients, the satisfaction to be able helping them and make their life better, motivated me to improve myself. Since 2016 I do have my own studio called Lamoon-Lamai Thai Massage in Germany.

I participated the training program of the Thai Royal Embassy in Germany, till being a certified Thai massage trainer.

My massage style is based on Thai Royal Massage and the traditional Thai massage:

Thai Royal Massage is an acupressure technique which was exclusive for the royals and powerful people in ancient Siam. The therapist uses the palm of the hand and thumb only.

The traditional Thai massage is mainly based on stretching techniques, with acupressure elements.  

To expand my massage knowledge and improve flow and techniques, I attended, among others, workshops for Thai Warrior massage by Master Jack and Thai Dancing massage by Master Chang.

I combine those types with and without oil, yoga influenced stretching techniques and further massage arts like Swedish-Massage, deep tissue and aroma therapy to improve the experience and benefit for my client.

I always improving myself. Right now I’m working on being a WYA certified yoga teacher.

Never stop improving yourself! I’m looking forward what the future brings.

Kindly note my most important training certificates:

Wat Pho Traditional Medical School Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 2012     Thai Traditional Massage

The Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 2012     Oil Massage and Aromatherapy

Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labour 
Course in Holistic health promotion therapist
June 2015     Thai Sappaya Massage Level 1
May 2016     Western Spa Massage Level 1
July 2016      Thai Sappaya Massage Level 2

Praxis für Massage München
Nov. 2016     Hot Stone Massage

Office of Labour Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy Berlin, Germany
April 2016     Massage & Spa Management
Mai 2017      Train the Trainer in Holistic Health Promotion

TMC – Thaimassage & Training Center, Gernsheim, Germany
Feb. 2017     Pregnancy Massage

Kinnaree – Thaimassageschule München, Germany
Oct. 2016      Thai Massage Techniques
July 2018      Foot Reflexology

Mr. Pathompon Aiyarattanaruk, Phang-Nga, Thailand
Aug. 2018     Thai Warrior Massage

Mr. Suwit Sritrairasri
Oct. 2019      Thai Massage: Dancing Style

ITAH Massageschule, Bensheim, Germany
Oct. 2019      Anatomy and Massage Techniques

Chiida Academy, Zurich, Switzerland
Feb. 2020     Indian Head Massage by Thippawan Noree
Feb. 2020     Fusion Oriental Therapy by Thippawan Noree

 I participated at ‘The Online International Massage Championship 2020/21 and won Silver medal in ‘Western Free Style’ category!


Instagram: Lamoon Lamai Thaimassage Traunreut.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Sunee Obermaier skills at the World Championship in Massage.

Sunee Obermaier participated in the Overall Final at the World Championship in Massage 2021
Sunee Obermaier participated also at the IMA’s Best Massage Promotion Competition 2021