World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Sorin Dumitru Petre, Romania

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the 6th World Championship in Massage is Sorin Dumitru Petre from Romania. The International Massage Association has asked him to tell about himself:

Hi, my name is Sorin Dumitru Petre alias Khan Sorin of Romanian nationality. Why did I choose this profession of masseur? 

I think this profession chose me.

My first teacher in the mysteries of massage is Neagu Ana Maria, an exceptional physiokinetic therapist who works in Explomed and Kinetik Mov in the city of Timisoara, Romania.

The road to perfection followed by me in the profession of masseur involves several attributes: curiosity, responsibility, sincerity, respect, attitude, a continuous work with yourself, when in the evening you thought to leave everything behind and in the morning you started again.Followed a constant learning with a professional in Yumeiho therapy, Sensei Sorin Iga Sorin Iga – Societatea Română de Yumeiho and also a professional in Royal Thai with Prof. Elena Nastaca.

My next goal is to become a trainer in massage in order to share my experience that I have accumulated over the years to those who want to embrace this noble profession of masseur.

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Competitions I have been participating in:

2021 –

Top 10 – Western Free Style / I ranked the 9th.


Honorary Award and Medal for ethics and contribution to the massage world 2023. Silver medalist at the International Massage Championship Competition IMCC Singapore in the European Traditional Massage category.

Association Member of ATP Group Spa Wellness&Beauty Cosmetology Association Worldwide SWBCAW 23.03.2023.

At the World Championship in Massage 2023 I will compete in two categories. 

1.Thai Massage where I will compete for Romania, the country where I learned to become a massage therapist.

2. Western/inspired where I will compete for Germany, the country that gave me the opportunity to develop as a massage therapist.

“Your job is to discover your work and then wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to it”. 


The International Massage Association look forward watching Sorin Dumitru Petre skills at the World Championship in Massage 2023 in wonderful Copenhagen.

Sorin Dumitru Petre alias Khan Sorin also participates at the IMA’s Best Massage Promotion competition in 2023.