Sabah Arbia, Belgium

Sabah Arbia will be performing 2 types of massage at the world championship in massage 2017: the freestyle massage and Asian massage.The freestyle will be a combination of aromatherapy, shiatsu, Ayurveda, Cupping, Kansu technique, Acupressure and energetic massage.

The Asian massage will be a combination of Ayurveda, shiatsu and marmatherapy.

From 2005 to 2011, Sabah learned Ayurveda from the master Raji Raju Baba. She followed his training on Mauritius Island.  She learned every aspect of the Ayuvedic Science with him, from nutrition to Massages and Yoga.

In 2015, She graduated shiatsu training from Bervoets Paramedical Centrum.

The ayurvedic Master Raji Raju Baba taught her Energetic Massage, Marma Therapy, acupressure, Kansu technique, Chinese Chiropractic.  She learned with him how to establish the global ayurvedic and energetic balance which is mental, physical and emotional.

 She also have been trained to perform shiatsu massage on chair. It is a mix of the european and japanese.

IMA look forward watching her skills.