Pavel Chugunov, Russia

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhage is Pavel Chugunov from Russia. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

My name is Pavel. Throughout my life, I have looked forward to know the mystery of touch. I was attracted by the question of touching not only the body, but energy also.

Although I use in my work methods of Ayurveda massage, Thai, classical, I also use a bamboo broom or vacuum jars, if it’s necessary, and also constantly study the practice of other massage masters, my massage sessions are different from all others by the fact that I work with the patient’s whole body, including its energy field. I use such modalities as Reiki and chair massage to work with the person’s energy.

My path for helping through energy massage is based on the love of a person.

I studied massage in the World Academy of Face and Body (Russia) and other educative centers with different courses, I received Reiki degrees from my Reiki-master for several years, not just pursuing diplomas, but living and practicing my knowledge and skills for everyone I could help.

During most of my massage  practice, I paid attention to the body, because as I considered that was the most effective method of working with a person. But once I learned about facial massage, it seemed to have opened massage and work with a person from the very beginning.

This year in Copenhagen I will be participating in an international format competition for the first time. I hope to show something new for the participants, as well as learn trends in the development of world-class craftsmanship.

My graduation list:

2016 – Reiki First Degree 
2016 – Educative center Connessans, classical massage treatment (
2018 – Author’s massage courses by Doctor of Biological Sciences Anatoly Shevtsov (

2018 – Reiki Second Degree  
2019 – World Academy of Face and Body by Elena Bondarenko

I only have a small society page at social media

The International Massage Association look forward watching Pavel Chugunov skills at the World Championship.