Parita Chantarungsee, Thailand

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is Parita Chantarungsee from Thailand. She is one of the Pioneers who participated online at the World Championship in Massage 2021. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

Hello, my name is Ms. Parita Chantarungsee. Born in 08.08.1978. Since I was young, my health is not so strong, I have many allergies all years round on my body. I used to have skin, body allergy and become chronic sinus. My body used to be weak and easily to be tired. I went to hospital very often and done some operations from sinus. I visited a lot of doctors and cured by modern medicines and makes my health better but cannot permanently get lid out from my body until I found the traditional way to take care of these problems and change on my body.

When I grow up from teenager time, I started to take care of myself by doing sports, eat and drink Thai traditional herbs and food to therapy on my body, along with doing meditation to make my mind better and meet doctor only when necessary. During these times, I also found the method of Thai massage therapy and met a lot of professional massage therapists that make my health feel better. All these together make my health changed from weak and easy to allergies turn to disappear.  I feel lucky and I started to have faith on the traditional way of body cure especially in massage therapy and that is huge inspired me to be massage therapist.

My perspective and my massage style:

My perspective is to adjust balance in body by making massage therapy and relax massage. I give massage from old people to young people that don’t have doctor description not able to do massage. After the massage, the massage receiver will feel relax and comfortable on the body and feel energy more to the muscle.

My attribute of being massage provider

  1. I always work with kind and merciful to all massage receivers. I don’t choose rich or poor person for doing massage. This is my good characteristic and all the massage receivers will feel good energy through my hand. 
  2. I always work carefully and wisely to get good massage result.
  3. I all the time work with gentle, friendly mind and communicate with massage receiver.
  4. I work with knowledge and like to learn and develop massage skill all the time.

I called my massage style as “Amazing Thai Traditional Combination Massage”.

I have been working as professional massage for 7 years. From all my profession experience, I like to be massage provider and also like to be massage receiver in every style to learn and develop my skill. As, I used to work in a big well known spa in Bangkok and also work in massage place in touristic area in southern part of Thailand. All these experience make and combine my skill also melting my work attitude to have my own style of massage. I called it “Amazing Thai Traditional Combination Massage”. This massage can apply and give to all massage receivers as mentioned above.

My technic is combination of massage methodologies, deep and slow press to all trigger points from Traditional Thai Massage principles, together with Oil, Hot Herbal Press Ball and Traditional Thai Herbal Balm. Together with full body stretching and bending carefully with safe. Plus, Thai Boxing and Yoga massage technic will be applied. After ending of massage, both will do breathing meditation and receive warm Thai Herbal Tea and my massage course will be completed.

My goal for my 1 massage course is to massage base on his/her body structure, physical reality, mind and need from the massage receiver. I always communicate with them before massage to feel and understand them which will lead for getting the best massage result. The receiver will feel relax and feel free from massage by hand and feet along with invisible energy through mind from the giver. I am all the time feel benefit to both of us after the massage. The smiling from the receiver always make me feel happy, I have automatically healthy from my work on movement as massage giver. As, every time of my work is the same as playing sport and yoga together with the massage receiver.

I graduated from “The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society”
Website at

I am now living and working in Riga, Latvia. At Baltic-Thailand Medical Rehabitation Centre.

My Facebook is : Parita Chantarungsee

The International Massage Association and our sponsor Lemi look forward watching Parita Chantarungsee skills in June at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.

Parita Chantarungsee also participated at the International massage Associations “Best Massage Promotion” competition with this amazing video.

Parita Chantarungsee
Parita Chantarungsee participated at the World Championship in Massage 2021