Olena Soboruk, Ukraine

Olena Soboruk is 46 Years old and from Ukraine.

She is a Beauty Specialist, professional Face masseur and Body masseur.

Olena work as a Beauty Specialist from 2011. In 2014 she also graduated from the International Therapy Examination Council – I.T.E.C London  and got the Diploma of Beauty Specialist, Level 2.

From 2015 till 2017 she studied many various Face and Body massage techniques in the different International schools in Ukraine, in Russia and in Thailand.

She has the Diploma (160Hours) of seventh Face massage techniques and 3 Body massage techniques from the International Massage School of Eugenia Radionova (Ukraine); the Diploma of fifth Face massage techniques from International Aesthetic and Massage School “Manualistic” (Russia); and the Certificate of Face Massage “Face of Nefertiti” from International Massage School of Elena Zemskova (Russian). 

In 2016 Olena studied Japan Body-massage technique Yumeiho in International Massage School of Yumeiho by Oleg Hazov in Moscow (Russian) and she has the 1st Dan of this technique.

From 2015 -2017 she studied in TMC Thai Massage School Chiang Mai (Thailand) and finished all Levels of Master. She is full in love in Thai traditional massage and in 2017 she graduated from TMC School the Teacher’s Diploma of Thai Traditional Massage (300Hours, 5 techniques). After her study in Thailand in September 2017 she opened the first affiliated School of Thai Traditional Massage in Ukraine.

She enter the World Championship in Massage 2018 into two Categories – Freestyle and Asian.

IMA look forward watching her skills.